Combine harvester Sampo-Rosenlew Comia C20

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NEW BIG SAMPO MODELS COMIA C20 AND C24! 30% more harvesting capacity compared to C12. And even more uptime with the big grain tanks, 9000 liter and 10000 liter.

Combining the best elements of known threshing technology’s, the harvester will be called a Hybrid. The harvester, has large separator surfaces, has two opposite spinning rotors that make the harvester more than 30% more capacity than a similar-sized straw walker machine. Threshing is achieved in the traditional way, but the rotors add separation capacity.
Cutting header - 6,9 m
Grain tank - 9000 L and 10000 L
Engine - 6-cylinder 300 hv AGCO POWER Tier5
Air conditioning - Yes
Pre-threshing cylinder - Yes
Threshing cylinder - 8-rasp bar HD
Unloading speed - 100 l/s
Separation rotaries - 2 pcs
Straw chopper - 3800 rpm
Front tires - 800/65R32
Rear tires - 500/70R24

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