was founded by experts with 15 years of experience in digital, financial, and agro-technology. We applied agricultural knowledge and built a modern ecosystem, the online trading platform that empowers farmers and sellers of agro- and agricultural products. 


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Our e-platform unites farmers (both big and small), agricultural holdings, logistics companies, suppliers, and service providers to address the agricultural industry's challenges.

Currently, the company cooperates with farmers from Central Asian countries (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan) and Ukraine. Supply of goods is made mainly to the Middle East, Asia, and the EU markets.

We at You-Trade Global Pte ltd decided to create such high-quality service throughout the process of buying and selling agricultural products, as well as related products and services.

Our team of experienced enthusiasts is fully focused on farmers and their contractors, and we are not affiliated with any of the participants of the market.

Registering on our platform allows you to become both a seller and buyer simultaneously. With, you can easily find the products you need, make quick deals, and conclude profitable contracts all on a single platform.

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Since 2021, the team has been dedicated to supporting farms by:
  • Simplify the work of farmers in selling their products to a larger number of buyers;
  • Create a fair market price for agricultural products;
  • Form a high-quality offer for the sale and rental of complex agricultural machinery;
  • Provide the maximum offer of related products for farmers (seeds, fertilizers, chemicals, packaging, transportation, and storage of products) in one place.


Company Principles 

Reliable and transparent business processes
Implementing settlement of transactions on the platform, displaying full information in a personal cabinet. Conducting inspections of manufacturers' goods compliance with the declared descriptions in terms of quality and quantity (weight). Access to a wide range of interested buyers. 

Following Lean methodology
Using proven technology with an open infrastructure to interact with participants at any agricultural production stage. This allows rapid product launches and updates with minimal costs. Release of mobile app and IoT solutions. 

Speed for all processes
Fast and easy communication between market participants and quick operations selling and delivering goods.

Contact us to become part of a friendly community of agribusiness and digital enthusiasts! 

We created an ecosystem of trust and secure cooperation between B2C and B2B participants of agribusiness market participants.

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